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Trust Google Local But Verify

Trust Google For Local Business Results?

From https://www.rebelmouse.com/DaveKeysSEO/trust-google-for-local-busines-874458540.html

Consumers say OK but verify.


trust but verify google business

No surprise here but consumers don’t really trust Google or the businesses they find online when it comes to actually choosing one. They trust reviews from sites like Yelp and Angie’s list. SEO may get you visibility but having a good track record is needed to get a lot more response from your present market. People are watching and validating before buying. SEO at: http://seoanaheim.solutionsbydave.com/

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Lines Before Letters

First there were lines. What did you think letters are made of? Pedagogy starts with the basics of symbols before mastery of the complexities of deciphering abstracts should be expected.

lines precede letters

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Aliso Viejo Properties On Scoop.It

From Scoop It: http://www.scoop.it/t/real-estate-seo/p/4032425348/2014/11/25/aliso-viejo-homes-the-cesi-pagano-team

 Searching for homes for sale in Aliso Viejo? The Cesi Pagano Team is here to help you. Our award winning real estate team is the best in Orange County.

Dave Keys’s insight:

Aliso Viejo living in elegance in Orange County California.


Living in Aliso Viejo

The master-planned community of Aliso Viejo, positioned on the eastern slopes of the stunning San Joaquin Hills, is a young and thriving community located in Orange County, California. Aliso Viejo is also ideally located just east of Laguna Beach and to the north of Laguna Niguel. Renowned for its stunning natural landscape and pristine properties, Aliso Viejo also offers miles of hiking and biking trails through the popular Regional Park, which covers more than 3,400-acres. Many residents are drawn to Aliso Viejo real estate for its excellent proximity to amenities such as nearby restaurants, boutiques and entertainment at the Town Center.

Aliso Viejo is also praised for its seamless blend of residential and commercial areas. In fact, Aliso Viejo is home to a number of company headquarters, including Buy.com, Marie Calendar’s, Ketel One, and Quest Software to name a few. These companies not only bring business into the community, but provide residents with a number of excellent job opportunities as well.

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Business SEO for Anaheim CA Plumbers

Does a plumbing company or drain repair service in Anaheim California need SEO? The more people use their phone, iPad or computer for a phone book, the more the answer is yes.

Now you know. Get SEO in Anaheim at http://seoanaheim.solutionsbydave.com/


Plumbing service SEO Anaheim

Among the most important problems plumbers frequently see in houses is slow or clogged drains. Many homeowners attempt to handle clogs independently by using commercial drain cleaners or plungers. Nevertheless, clogs can finally become an important issue that needs a professional’s help whenever they aren’t dealt with correctly. There are a number of matters you may be doing to give to clogged pipes. Below are a few ways that you can help keep your pipes

Make use of the Garbage Disposal

Clogs can be caused by using a garbage disposal too frequently, also a septic system can also fill faster. You only ought to make use of the garbage disposal for real organic waste that is consumable. It should not be utilized to dispose of garbage that was real, like alternative or paper things. Things and vegetable bits can make ground that is great for the garden. Your pipes will thank you!

One other way to prevent clogged drains would be to put drain covers on sink drains and your toilet. Having your drains covered will prevent any pieces of solid substance, like soap and hair . Hair result in a clog and can easily build up installing a drain cover may help keep most of the hair from the conduits.

Another issue plumbers frequently see is clogged conduits because of oil or grease. Oil, grease, and any fat are bad for conduits as it’s going to solidify as it cools. The oil may become problematic and will adhere to the sides of the conduits. Before a long time, grease could totally blocks the conduit. Make sure you dispose of grease and oils by putting it in the garbage and putting it.

Plumbers will clean the drains out by smashing high pressure water down the conduits to help remove any debris that might be an issue. This may let you keep an extremely efficient system that is emptying.

More about plumbing at http://www.salon.com/2006/05/25/the_pearls/

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Bookmarks On Diigo

Just added a new list to Diigo. 


The list focuses on my own websites. If this proves effective, I’ll follow up with some clients. Personally, I don’t know why some people use these kind of websites instead of a search engine but they’ve proven to be quite popular and I continue to see a trickle of traffic from the better known ones. I get a lot more from Pinterest though. Some people seem to really prefer it to any other social network.

My pinterest barely has anything: http://www.pinterest.com/davekeys/

Dave s Pinterest Page

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From Folkd to Foursquare

You can always get more visibility for your business whether it’s an Anaheim Brick and Mortar location that’s been there for 40 years or a virtual business, service or store. Think past the standard business directories and look for opportunities to engage and contribute with people who have been looking for you all along.

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Anaheim SEO Solutions By Dave 714-924-4422 | Search Engine Marketing

http://seoanaheim.solutionsbydave.com – Details

davekeys: Find out how to get brand new leads your business would never see anywhere else except online in Anaheim with our local marketing and SEO strategies.

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Get small business SEO in Anaheim at http://seoanaheim.solutionsbydave.com/

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Malibu About Me Page

Here’s the Malibu real estate today About me page http://about.me/maliburealestatetoday

Malibu Real Estate Today

Helping people with Malibu Home Sales

  • Email Me
Malibu Real Estate Today picture

Want a real estate agent in Malibu who:

  • lived in Malibu since childhood?
  • knows the neighborhood like the back of their hand?
  • will help you get the perfect malibu home?
  • is easy to work with?

John did a great job as my Malibu realtor! Within three weeks of listing my LA home through him, I was in escrow and preparing to move to Malibu. John also found me the perfect Malibu home to buy and successfully negotiated a great purchase price. If you want an honest and dedicated realtor, I recommend John!


Buy and sell Malibu real estate today with John. He brings integrity and a strong passion to his work. “I love working in real estate! This business grants me the opportunity to meet many terrific people and gives me great personal satisfaction when I help my clients move into the next chapter of their lives,” he says. “My goal is to exceed my client’s expectations with each real estate transaction”. Whether you are looking for Malibu real estate or property in Beverly Hills, Calabasas, Pacific Palisades, Santa Monica or Westlake Village, I’m always here to help!

Contact me today at 310 589-2465. I will personally handle all your real estate needs.

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Solutions By Dave Moved Again

Best move yet was the move back to Fullerton

Here is the update on the business address:
website: http://solutionsbydave.com Solutions By Dave

Solutions By Dave – Real Estate SEO
Address: 111 N Harbor Blvd #2, Fullerton, CA 92832

Real Estate and Local Business Search Engine Optimization Solutions By Dave

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Same Stuff In Real Estate Price Increases

Investors buy homes. Homes get more scarce. Prices move up. Regular people can afford less home for their homebuying dollars. Investors buy homes.

The end result of this will be a lot more people renting homes instead of owning homes because they can’t afford to buy them.

Look at a popular neighborhood like Mirasol at http://www.jeffrealty.com/mirasol Prices have gone up plenty and fewer people can afford the new prices. More homes end up as rentals. Eventually, oversupply of rental homes means that some investors are going to get stuck with nowhere to land and overpriced holdings.

See this expert linked in page. Gekkomaui.

Didn’t have that much fun at Maui this year. Sick.

RealEstate SEO expert

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Address Verification Jacksonville – Atlantic Coast

verifying maps data for Jacksonville Chiropractors.

Jacksonville Chiropractors | Atlantic Coast Medical Care – Dr. Scott Rosenstein

12187 Beach Boulevard #1
Jacksonville FL 32246
United States

Providing the best in Chiropractic care in a range of disciplines. Medical acupuncture, migraine headache treatment, treatment of bulging disc and herniated disc in the neck or back. Vertebral Axial Decompression or VAX-D spinal decompression, therapeutic massage and service typical for top, board certified chiropractors. Medical doctors on staff.

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