Real Estate Marketing Link Opportunities

Real Estate Marketing Link Opportunities

Real Estate Marketing

If you’re willing to create some halfway decent content and follow a few rules, the digital marketing for real estate are still quite abundant. Yes, the number of sites that allow nofollow links in your content are not as numerous but other Google algorithms ignore the nofollow issue altogether and look at things like syndication and distribution and traffic among higher authority resources. Not just one or two necessarily but small groups or clusters of high authority resources that include your website and other websites that link to you. That signal is the validation threshold of a particular piece of content and whether it is validated in plurality. 

A link on a high domain website, like a sidebar link you paid for may be less effective than a link in the actual content where that page is then cited by other resources from Twitter to other blogs, etc.

Such an example is available on ActiveRain where we can take a high domain authority (DA73) that is topically themed on the real estate industry. A simple link to a comment can be done like this marketing link, and then to be sure, another link to the page itself with another semantic term: Make this more about real estate market strategies. Then, you may want to tie it into its target page with a very basic URL or generic link about your topic, in this case, real estate marketing strategies:

Old posts with abandoned profiles can sometimes be an opportunity. If you can create links in your commentary, especially if they’re nofollow, it can be gold. Opportunities are there. Different opportunities for each person. Find them because they’re there. Now go build some links.

Link opportunities for real estate marketing on old posts with rich comments

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Private Investors Have Pushed 352 Billion into Investments in 2016 Says Tai Lopez

Private Investors Have Pushed 352 Billion into Investments in 2016 Says Tai Lopez

Watching Tai Lopez who can be expected to have a wealth of Information on a broad range of topics simply because of his voracious reading habit. If I remember correctly, he reads a book a day.

 He is trying to illustrate how little an individual capital need impacts the overall pool of money. His illustrating something he calls the rule of 10s. He starts with the idea of raising $10,000 and then multiplying it by 10, etc.

Kickstarter is a free website the charges 3% or 4% if you raise capital and charges nothing if you don’t. Kickstarter did not exist five years ago.

 This has been going for seven hours so I’m in at the end of it. He’s talked about 30 topics or so. I don’t know where anyone gets the stamina to present for seven hours.

raising capital Tai Lopez

Here’s the video.

Don’t try to benchpress 400 pounds the first time your weight bench. We got the initial social foundation properties for Jupiter Housing Blog ( We even put a map on

This is the Jupiter Housing Blog map:


When You Don’t Have Leverage – You Have To Beg For Everything

When You Don’t Have Leverage – You Have To Beg For Everything

If you don’t have leverage then you have to beg. You have to beg your boss for a raise and he has to beg his boss on your behalf.

Tai Lopez Official Site How To Live The Good Life Leverage Don t Beg

What is the basis of leverage with OMG? Free traffic on Google. This is the basis of organic digital marketing

Working at Home Depot won’t even pay your rent. Getting a job they (don’t) train you for in school is a dead end street of societally imposed limits that are reinforced by your own acceptance of those false frame limits.

What if you could live anywhere in the world you want? Wherever your family is. Choice not necessity.

Even a brick and mortar business can become an ardent master of your time and resources.