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LED low bays are your go-to choice when it comes to illumination areas with low roofs. They’re mostly found in manufacturing features, retail store functions, and plants.
Since they have an approximated 70 CRI, or shade, they bring out the true shades of things beneath them. Take food markets, for example. Shop supervisors need to make sure fruits and vegetables offer realistic appearance quickly, or else they run the risk of ruining. With an LED low bay light, produce looks the most attracting clients. Switching to LED in food markets has also been known to increase sales by up to 30%.
A high CRI is also essential in crucial functions, such as in manufacturing features. A low CRI indicates it would be difficult for a worker to tell certain shades apart, which could mean the distinction between forcing a natural key and a red key. This immediately becomes a potential protection threat. Seeing clearly also causes it to be much easier to get around inventory around sides, crevases, and cracks, removing any hot or brown areas and avoiding visits and drops.
LED low bay lights can also decrease complications, eye stress, and migraine headache, simply based on their technological innovation. As a result for more effective employees. Also, since these accessories last over 100,000 maintenance-free hours, relamping becomes a subject put to rest. This is especially essential in 24/7 functions because relamping indicates avoiding everything—including labor—to fix the problem fitting. A service administrator would need to pay additional to seek the services of an improvement, then seek the services of a specialist to do the real changing, plus account for all the missing work time as his employees must take a position off to the side for protection while servicing take place. Not to bring up, less powerful illumination options require additional space to inventory on-hand alternatives, which could otherwise be used for successful inventory.
As far as retrofits, LED low bays are extremely easy to set up. Since a lot of people are coming from 4 feet fluorescents, straight line low bays are the perfect remedy, mainly because they’re available in 4 legs and fill up the space that past accessories left behind. However, if circular low bays are more your personal design, or just better suitable for the work taking place, that design is available, as well.

They’re also dimmable, which implies you’ll save a lot on energy costs. And, since we completely believe in the reliability of our products, each comes qualified with a 5-year assurance. Generally, once you set up it, you’ll never have to be concerned about it again.

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I Didn’t Completely Miss Bright Venus

You know, we get busy. Demands and modern life squeeze out our connection with nature but one day, I stepped out and there it was. A particularly bright planet Venus in the sky.

Venus The Moon and Sun

Contemplate that as the planet Venus grows brighter (to us on Earth) through to September.

Then there’s my chicken noodle soup.

Chicken Noodle Soup 

chicken noodle soup gekkomaui

But, just to push it a little: sykevadplank2


cresent moon and star

SEO In 2018 Like Matrix Revolutions

SEO is in its umteenth sequel and like the movie, Matrix Revolutions, it’s a bit convoluted and seems to wander off the original the most. That said, the fundamentals are the same. There is a virtual universe and the main characters find how to navigate it in order to influence the real universe. The lines between reality and virtual reality seem to get blurred but the hierarchy is still there. 

How SEO Works At Google Expert

Enter Google Revolutions like the movie, Google would like you to think it’s unrecognizable and that the rules for SEO have all changed, but beneath it all, the fundamentals are still there and they still work the same way. I’m talking about links. That factor, though compressed behind other factors, is still prime (no pun intended) so building links that get through the algorithmic filters is still key to ranking web pages.

The End

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OK, We’re Back, With Video Marketing

We Are Back And With Video SEO

We lost the old content, so we’re sorry but we’ve got to start over. We’ll continue to search for backups so maybe we’ll recover the past but if not, the future promises to be 108 minutes closer!

What we’ve been up to:

A lot more white hat and power play SEO strategies with Mr. Dave Keys. If you need video, That’s in the works. The video page of Dave Keys: https://davekeys.com/video-marketing-dave-keys/

Dave Keys Video Marketing targeted audiences

Why Do Most Business Owners Avoid Video?

Video marketing is perhaps the most readily available, dynamic and powerful means to reach a market at the lowest cost yet most business owners avoid it.

It’s simple, really. They’re afraid of the camera. They afraid of production costs, and they certainly don’t want to spend half a day or more hiring a video crew or studio to make a video that ultimately just wastes time.

It’s really not that way at all but they just don’t realize it. But don’t let that stop you. The traffic for video is immense and free.


Anyway, this blog is back online and it’s designed for fun. Enjoy!