Decisions Decisions… Want To Live In Ponte Vedra?

Decisions Decisions… Want To Live In Ponte Vedra?

Many people have made a decision to move to Ponte Vedra Beach. Ever think about maybe trying it yourself? A number of people aspire to it, but have not yet started. Few get serious and start taking action. Most find some excuse or reason to shelve the thought and go no further. Usually there are excuses like, it’s too difficult or too complicated, or I do not have time or I don’t know how to begin. And with that they drop the thought and busy themselves with various other things.

Alive and kicking in Ponte Vedra Beach - a starfish

Were those simply excuses or were they legitimate reasons? Had they gotten deep enough into the idea to really understand what was involved? Did they know and see the advantages? The positive points in favor?

Maybe we should relax and take a more step-by-step approach. There will be five significant reasons to live in Ponte Vedra.