Just Like A Reset On Lost

Just Like A Reset On Lost

It’s like the series Lost. Previously, something seemed to be working. Then a trigger event changed the course of reality and the rules changed. Sometimes a lot. Sometimes a little. That’s how it seems with SEO. I remember back in 2010 or so when Google ran a live feed of selected Twitter results. I had some accounts that were picked up by that. 

One day I tried an experiment. I tweeted the same tweet around 10 times in a row or so.

You can guess the live feed stopped. What’s interesting is that it stopped for 3 long months. then it simply turned back on again for that account.

Twitter Live Feed in Google - Old School SEO

On a more serious note, this new post about the Panda algorithm is up on Solutions By Dave at http://solutionsbydave.com/panda-algorithm-impacts-seo-search-results-rankings/