OK, We’re Back, With Video Marketing

We Are Back And With Video SEO

We lost the old content, so we’re sorry but we’ve got to start over. We’ll continue to search for backups so maybe we’ll recover the past but if not, the future promises to be 108 minutes closer!

What we’ve been up to:

A lot more white hat and power play SEO strategies with Mr. Dave Keys. If you need video, That’s in the works. The video page of Dave Keys: https://davekeys.com/video-marketing-dave-keys/

Dave Keys Video Marketing targeted audiences

Why Do Most Business Owners Avoid Video?

Video marketing is perhaps the most readily available, dynamic and powerful means to reach a market at the lowest cost yet most business owners avoid it.

It’s simple, really. They’re afraid of the camera. They afraid of production costs, and they certainly don’t want to spend half a day or more hiring a video crew or studio to make a video that ultimately just wastes time.

It’s really not that way at all but they just don’t realize it. But don’t let that stop you. The traffic for video is immense and free.


Anyway, this blog is back online and it’s designed for fun. Enjoy!

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