SEO In 2018 Like Matrix Revolutions

SEO is in its umteenth sequel and like the movie, Matrix Revolutions, it’s a bit convoluted and seems to wander off the original the most. That said, the fundamentals are the same. There is a virtual universe and the main characters find how to navigate it in order to influence the real universe. The lines between reality and virtual reality seem to get blurred but the hierarchy is still there. 

How SEO Works At Google Expert

Enter Google Revolutions like the movie, Google would like you to think it’s unrecognizable and that the rules for SEO have all changed, but beneath it all, the fundamentals are still there and they still work the same way. I’m talking about links. That factor, though compressed behind other factors, is still prime (no pun intended) so building links that get through the algorithmic filters is still key to ranking web pages.

The End

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